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Mar 6, 2024

On this episode, we conclude our Slow & Simple Living Series. Over the most recent weeks, I'e had to apply the very things we have been discussing. Today we are focusing on having an expansive belief system and practicing what we have gained.


Episode LifeWork

Consider your mindset and how “expansive” you think. Set aside at least 10 minutes to reflect on the following:

Think about your stream of daily thoughts. Would you say your thoughts are more limited than expansive? 

  1. Is there a fear of expecting good experiences? If so, discover the reason or events that have influenced limited thinking then and decided if you would like those thoughts to continue to influence how you think today and going forward?
  2. 4. If you have an expansive belief system, journal the wins you have experienced along the journey. For the next three days, focus on previous wins and how those experiences can positively impact your journey of slow living.
  3. 5. Make a decision to be intentional about practicing living slowly, regardless of contrary thoughts, feelings, or circumstances put into practice of what it’s like to live in rest mode. Read Addicted to Busy (And Not to BE) on It’s a quick article and can be read in about 3 minutes. It speaks about low power mode activities, rest, and more.

Be sure to journal your experience.


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